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Michael Mowbray, M. Photog, Cr.

I love senior portraits. Seniors are a joy to be around; they're funny, crazy, diverse, confident, shy -- sometimes all in the same session! 

One of the aspects I like most about working with seniors is the creative freedom I am afforded. Seniors often want something different. Something trendy or fashionable.  I live for that. Give me a chance to create your senior portraits. Don't trust an amateur for something this important.  Trust a real pro and you will be rewarded with incredible portraits and an awesome experience.

One of the big advantages I have is that I actually have a fully-functioning full-time studio. Outdoor and on-location is cool; in fact, I'm well known in the industry for my creativity outside of the studio. But in the studio I can also create portraits that just can't be done well outside. There are looks and styles, like my Xtreme Athlete and fashion-inspired portraits, that really can only be created in the studio. That's a major reason I created The Anything Session: together we can design a complete session that features just the right amount of studio and outdoor that fits you.

Book now. You'll love your portraits. I guarantee it.



Michael Mowbray is a Master Photographer, a degree granted by the Professional Photographers of America to photographers who have clearly demonstrated through the course of their careers that they are among the elite class of all professional photographers. A Master Photographer shows a complete command of all aspects of photography, both creative and technical. The Cr. designation stands for Photographic Craftsman, another advanced degree provided to photographers who are trusted educators in the photography industry.

Michael is also a five-time winner of the prestigious International PPA Photographer of the Year Award. He teaches photography techniques to professional photographers around the world and has been a keynote speaker
at the Senior Photographers International Conference

Michael has published two popular books on photography, Shoot to Thrilland The Speedlight Studio.  Both are available at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon.com. 

Michael started Beautiful Portraits by Michael in 2001 and has photographed hundreds upon hundreds of high school seniors over the years.