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While I do offer 8x10s and smaller prints, I'm not really the typical "8x10 and some wallets" type of photographer.  There's nothing wrong with that at all, but my work is just much more geared towards wall portraits, groupings, and books.  For example, many of my senior athletes incorporate an Xtreme Athlete collage as part of their order.  Most folks purchase these as metal panels and the smallest size is 12x18.  The most popular thing that I do is my Senior Art Book.  It is an 8"x8" hardcover book containing 24 images in a custom design.  Almost 80% of my clients invest in one of these.  These are major reasons why I offer only the 3-hour session:  it gives me time to craft a complete story of your senior.

In general, most clients can expect to invest between $800 to $2500 in their custom collections; the average client invests around $1200 or so. 

You may wonder why I call this section “Investment” rather than “pricing”.  It’s simple, really.  High quality portraiture is an investment that pays dividends for many years to come.  It’s this personal value, this emotional investment that grows the longer you have enjoyed the portraits.

I can speak from personal experience.  Every morning I enjoy our first family portrait as I have my coffee in our living room. It was taken nearly 17 years ago, and I don’t recall what it cost, but I do know that I could never part with it. The same goes for our most recent portrait, printed as a large gallery wrap canvas hanging over our mantle.  The same can be said for every portrait of my children that I’ve created over the years.

Quality portraiture is an investment.  “Investment” can be construed as costing a bit more than the average.  And that’s true.  It can also be construed as having higher than normal value, which is also quite true.  So what’s it going to cost, Michael?  Okay, okay. I’ll get to the point…eventually. LOL. If you are looking for a couple of 8x10s and a handful of wallets, I’m probably not the photographer for you. I create dynamic, creative portraiture that is best enjoyed as a wall portrait, or in a grouping such as my Couture Image Blocks or my Gallery Wrap Clusters. My clients are looking for wall art that will be prominently displayed and enjoyed. I am also skilled at capturing the many sides of your senior, which lends itself well to being displayed in a quality book or album.  

Instead of packages, we create a custom collection that is unique to each client. I don’t have preset packages. I’ve done away with those because that is a cookie-cutter approach to a highly customized product. Instead we view the images and work together to create a collection that best fits you.  As I said earlier, most clients can expect to invest between $800 to $2500 in their custom collections; the average client invests around $1200 or so. All major credit cards are accepted and payments can be broken up and spread across multiple months if necessary.

But do you sell 8x10s?

Yes, of course! I call them “gift portraits” or “small portraits” and they are meant to be gifts for family and friends, or to be an added portrait that can be displayed on a shelf or in your office at work. All portraits 8x10 and smaller are priced the same, and can be as low as $22.50 each depending on your collection:  

  • Purchase any wall portrait and save 25% on all small portraits.
  • Combine a wall portrait and a book or a Image Block, and save 50% on all small portraits.
  • Invest in a wall portrait, a book, and an Image Block or Wall Cluster, and save 75% on all small portraits!

I am happy to review all of the product and investment options during your session consultation.